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Oncogenetic Counseling

What is Oncogenetic Counseling?

Genetic consultation is a new field in oncology that enables to assess the individual risk of hereditary cancer and explains the significance of the genetic factor.

The genetic consultation is conducted by a doctor-geneticist who will:

  • Estimate the hereditary component of a specific cancer and the risk of cancer in the patient’s family
  • Explain the patient and their family the medical and genetic background of cancer
  • If necessary, suggest guidelines for health behavior to the patient and their family in order to decrease the risk of cancer

Indications for Oncogenetic Consultation

The following is a general checklist of characteristics that may indicate an increased risk of familial cancer or a heritable cancer syndrome. If you recognize at least one of those characteristics in your family, you may benefit from genetic counseling.

  • cancers occurring at an earlier age of onset than usual (under the age of 50 years) in at least one family member
  • one or more relatives with unusual cancers: both sided cancer, multifocal cancer, breast cancer in men, rare cancer types (pheochromocytoma, medullary thyroid cancer, adrenal cortical carcinoma diagnosed at young age)
  • a family history of multiple cases of the same or related types of cancer (bilateral cancer
  • breast cancer or ovarian cancer diagnosed and family has Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish background
  • one or more family members with cancers diagnosed in two or more generations

You can also discuss the need for genetic counseling with your general practitioner or oncologist